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2018 Genome Editing Workshop: some slots available
2018/09/08(Sat) 16:58:12

Hello fellow frogophiles,

A reminder that the NXR Genome Editing Workshop will be held Oct 18-27. We still have some slots available. If you have a student/postdoc interested in learning both theoretical and practical aspects of genome editing send them along. The price is very reasonable. For more details visit the webpage (http://www.mbl.edu/xenopus/workshops/genomeediting-workshop). This is a great opportunity to come and make your own mutant and test it out in either X. tropicalis or X. laevis. It is only 6 weeks away. Don’t miss it

第7回NBRP ネッタイツメガエル技術講習会
2018/08/04(Sat) 14:10:43

ナショナルバイオリソースプロジェクト(NBRP)・ネッタイツメガエルでは、毎年、実験技術講習会を開催しております。このたび、合同シンポジウムが広島大学で開催されるのに合わせて、第7回度技術講習会(2018/9/18 〜2018/9/21)をおこないます。参加費は無料です(宿泊費、旅費は各自負担)。

〒739-8526 広島県東広島市鏡山1-3-1



参加者の資格等: マイクロインジェクション経験者(未経験者の同伴は可)

募集人員: 参加者の集まり具合等を参考に、希望者全員かそれともある程度絞るかを決めます

9th International Course on Developmental Biology
2018/07/07(Sat) 16:52:50

Dear Colleagues,
Jointly with the Sorbonne Universite, Institut Curie is organising the 9th International Course on Developmental Biology in October 2018. The aim of the course is to provide participants (masters/PhD students/ interested postdocs) with a comprehensive coverage of the paradigms, problems and technologies of modern Developmental Biology with particular emphasis on stem cells. For the program, more information and registration, please follow this link:

I have attached the poster of the course and would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this email and advertise this event in the Xenopus society. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.
Many thanks!

Lara Al-zouabi on behalf of the scientific committee:
Allison Bardin, Yohanns Bellaiche and Jean Leon Maitre- Institut Curie
Claire Fournier-Thibault and Muriel Umbhauer- Sorbonne Universite
2018 Genome Editing Workshop
2018/07/07(Sat) 16:48:37

NXRのMarko Horb博士より、2018 Genome Editing Workshopの案内が届いています。
両生類研究センター・鈴木 厚

Hello Xenopus Community
I am happy to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 Genome Editing Workshop being held Oct 18-27:

This year we have expanded the time of the workshop, and at the same time kept the costs the same. $1360 for a shared room and $1926 for a single room for 9 nights, meals housing, reagents all included. The instructors for this year’s workshop are Ira Blitz, Sang-Wook Cha, Rachel Miller and NXR staff (Marko Horb, Marcin Wlizla, Sean McNamara) as well as Hitoshi Yoshida and technicians from my lab. We encourage you to consider attending the workshop or sending your students, postdocs or technicians to the workshop. The costs this year are reduced due to the generous support of the NSF through the EDGE grant I received with Gary Gorbsky, the NIH as part of NXR funding and the MBL for their continued support of the NXR. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I encourage you to register early - we already have two people registered and space is limited to 20 participants.

Marko Horb
NXR Bioinformatics Workshop
2018/04/08(Sun) 13:12:21

Dear Xenopus colleagues,
A reminder that the NXR Bioinformatics Workshop is being held May 13-19 here at the Marine Biological Laboratory. Spots are still available. I encourage you to consider attending this workshop for hands on one-on-one tutoring from the instructors that will no doubt help you learn how to analyze your own datasets.

Want to learn more about Xenbase and how to navigate it? Then this is the course for you.
Want to learn how to write code to analyze your RNA-Seq? Then this is the course for you.
What’s all the fuss with single cell sequencing you may ask?? Come to the workshop and find out.


P.S. If there are concerns about the cost please contact me.
2018/04/08(Sun) 12:30:20


鈴木 厚

CSH Xenopus course 2018
2018/01/11(Thu) 10:36:16

Dear Colleagues,
Happy New Year to all.

We are asking for your assistance to promote the 2018 Xenopus Course at Cold Spring Harbor. The Xenopus course at CSH has a long tradition of training the next generation of Xenopus researchers in critical skills to exploit Xenopus for understanding cell and developmental biology.

In order for students to get the most out of the course, we encourage students to bring their own projects. Students are encouraged to identify genes of interest, we will design sgRNAs for these genes, and then students can knock these genes out at the course and analyze any phenotypes using all of the tools available from advanced high-speed fluorescent confocal imaging to cut-and-paste embryology.

In addition, we have the good fortune of overlapping with the Quantitative Imaging (QI) course at CSH. We plan to build interactions between our groups to image Xenopus embryos using the latest imaging methods. This was a huge success last year and offers the possibility to try light-sheet, high-speed live confocal, and super-resolution imaging methods.

Important Dates:
Course - April 4-17, 2018
Application Due Date: January 31, 2018

We have an exciting list of speakers/instructors including:

Ira Blitz, University of California, Irvine
Sang-Wook Cha, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
Frank Conlon, University of North Carolina
Chenbei Chang, University of Alabama
Lance Davidson, University of Pittsburgh
Roberto Mayor, University College London
Rebecca Heald, University of California, Berkeley
Raymond Keller, University of Virginia
Bill Bement, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gerald Thomsen, Stony Brook University
John Wallingford, University of Texas at Austin
Andrea Wills, University of Washington
Frank Conlon, University of North Carolina
Peter Nemes, University of Maryland

For more information and application submission, please visit:

Mustafa Khokha, Yale University
Karen Liu, King’s College, London

Course objectives:
microinjection, microdissection, and grafts - Organizer, animal cap, neural crest and more
in situ hybridization
CRISPR and MO loss of function.
Germ cell transplants to raise CRISPR lines
Homologous recombination in Xenopus with CRISPR
live Imaging and fluorescence - movies, photography and figure design
Proteomics approaches
NBRP・ネッタイツメガエル 第6回技術講習会の参加登録開始のお知らせ
2017/11/18(Sat) 15:53:36


ネッタイツメガエルを用いてトランスジェネシス・ノックアウト・バイオインフォマティクス・幼生/成体飼育法の講習を行ないますので、ネッタイツメガエル初心者や未経験者の方は是非ご参加ください。以前の講習会に参加されたリピーターの方々の参加も歓迎いたします(参加費は無料です)。実習・ディスカッションの時間も十分取り、充実した講習会としたいと思います。参加ご希望の方は、下記のフォームに記入して鈴木厚 (asuzuki#hiroshima-u.ac.jp)へお送りください。(# を @ に換えて下さい。)

トランスジェネシス講習ではI-SceIメガヌクレアーゼ法をご紹介いたします。レポーター遺伝子としてはGFPを用いる予定です。ご自分のコンストラクトを試したい方は、事前に荻野 肇(oginohaj#hiroshima-u.ac.jp)と外部講師の越智陽城先生(harukiochi#med.id.yamagata-u.ac.jp)までご連絡下さい(# を @ に換えて下さい。)。ベクターやトランスジーンの設計について、ご相談に乗らせていただきます。3日間の講習会中には、初期神経胚期までしか導入遺伝子の発現を追跡することができませんが、ご希望により、講習会終了後に後期神経胚期から幼生初期までの発現の写真データをご送付させていただきます。

バイオインフォマティクス実習では、トランスクリプトーム解析の基本として、local blastを用いて多数の遺伝子の相同性を一括検索する方法と、余裕があれば、一般的なGO解析ウェブツール(DAVID等)でエンリッチメント解析やパスウェイ解析をおこなう方法を紹介します。参加者はノートパソコンをお持ち下さい。


鈴木 厚、荻野 肇


 あり or なし (どちらかを消してください)

 あり or なし (どちらかを消してください)






(講師:福井彰雅先生(中央大学)、井川 武先生(広島大学))
(講師:越智陽城先生(山形大学)、荻野 肇(広島大学))

(講師:荻野 肇(広島大学))
(講師:越智陽城先生(山形大学)、荻野 肇(広島大学))

(講師:井川 武先生、柏木昭彦先生、柏木啓子先生(広島大学))
Institut Curieにおける講習会
2017/07/06(Thu) 19:19:16

Institut Curieにおける講習会の連絡がありましたので掲載いたします。

両生類研究センター・鈴木 厚

Dear Colleagues,

Institut Curie is organizing jointly with UPMC the 8th International Course on Developmental Biology in October 2017.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive coverage of the paradigms, problems and technologies of modern Developmental Biology with a particular attention to stem cells.

More Information & registration: https://enseignement.curie.fr/en/course/developmental-biology2017

Could you please advertise this event in the Xenopus community?

Thank you very much,

The scientific committee,
Allison Bardin and Jean-René Huynh Institut Curie
Claire Fournier-Thibault and Muriel Umbhauer UPMC

genome editing workshop at MBL参加費サポートのお知らせ
2017/05/09(Tue) 15:05:10

8月にウッズホールで開催されるgenome editing workshopについて参加費サポートのお知らせがありました。かなり大きい金額のサポートですので、ご検討ください。

両生類研究センター・鈴木 厚

Hello Xenophiles
Don’t forget that registration is now open for the upcoming workshops. A reminder that the first 20 registrants to the genome editing workshop receive a $750 reduction in the price. To take advantage of this offer, please register for the workshop and select the “pay later” option and I will then reduce the price. Spots are beginning to fill up so take advantage of this offer.



Marko Horb, Ph.D.
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR)
Associate Scientist, Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
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