1. Released on 11.20.2018

  2. The shipping cost of bio-resources is now included in each resource fee and paid to the courier by the resource center. Previously, users had to pay the shipping cost to the deliverer, at the time of delivery. The new prices can be shown in the Price List page.

  1. Released on 11.16.2018

  2. An albino line, Xtr.tyrtm1Szk has been added to our living-resource list. Animals of this line are now available through this site. Please contact the person in charge of living-resources for further information (Contact Information).

An albino frog

of the Xtr.tyrtm1Szk line

  1. Released on 4.2.2019

  2. The new content “You can do it for 100,000 yen!? How to make a breeding system” has been released. Please visit the article page by clicking on “Rearing” in the left side bar.

  1. Released on 3.19.2019

  2. The web site has been renewed and moved here and renewed (the old site here). We invite your comments through a questionnaire found on the special site (sorry, only in Japanese). You don’t have to answer every question. Please feel free to visit the site and participate.

  1. Released on 8.2.2019

  2. [Application Deadline: August 23 (Fri)] Participate in the NBRP X. tropicalis Technical Workshop. For details, please refer to the article “Technical Workshop Information” in the Web Forum (in Japanese).

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  1. Released on 12.16.2019

  2. [Application Deadline: February 3 (Mon)] Participate in the 2020.3.3-5 NBRP X. tropicalis Technical Workshop. For details, please refer to the Special Site (in Japanese).

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