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Technical Training Course (Held regularly)

  1. Technical training course program (ex. The 5th technical training course in 2017)

  2. Date: 1st - 3rd Mach, 2017

  3. Place: Amphibian Research Center, Hiroshima University

  4. Contents: Artificial fertilization, Microinjection (Knockout, Knockdown and Transgenic techniques), Rearing for tadpoles and adults

  5. Lecture: Haruki Ochi (Yamagata Univ.), Kennichi Suzuki (Hiroshima Univ.)

Pictures below are from article 03/09/2015 of ‘Technical Training.’

Summary of the above technical training course

  1. March 1st (afternoon)

  2. Reception

  3. Explanation of this program and NBRP

  4. Visiting the NBRP facility and Rearing system of Japanese frogs

  5. Lecture-1

  6. Natural fertilization-1

  7. Check in

  8. Gala party

  9. March 2nd

  10. Lecture-2

  11. Natural fertilization-2

  12. Practice of microinjection

  13. March 3rd

  14. Checkout

  15. Observations and evaluations of microinjection

  16. Practice of rearing tadpoles and adults

NBRP (Xenopus tropicalis) presents a technical training course in March, every year since 2012 and twice in year from 2018. For the details on the programs of previous technical training courses and future programs, click on the web forum ‘Technical Training Course Information’ in the Link below, or from the side bar to the left. Related training courses will also be held (ex. The 10th NIBB International Practical Course Genome Editing and Imaging of Fish and Amphibians). Please check notices!

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