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  1. Objectives

  2. This project (Xenopus tropicalis) includes the ‘collection, distribution and deposition of X.  tropicalis’, and is a part of the fourth term NBRP (National BioResorce Project) projects conducted by AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development).

  3. The NBRP aims to collect, preserve, and provide bioresources that are essential experimental materials for life sciences research. NBRP also aims to improve the quality of bioresources to meet current and future scientific demands.

  4. Mission

  5. We will collect and deposit the various kinds of X. tropicalis and distribute them to users domestic and foreign countries.

  6. 1.Deposition and transfer

  7. 2.Line (X. tropicalis) maintenance and improvement

  8. 3.Bioresources (adults, tadpoles and embryos) distribution

  9. We will provide support for Xenopus tropicalis research, as well as, educational support.

  10. 4.Deposition, distribution and collection of Non-living resources (DNA etc.)

  11. 5.Training on experimental techniques with X. tropicalis and for handling and feeding techniques for X. tropicalis

  12. 6.Distribution of the handling and feeding manual, including revised editions

  13. 7.Distribution of experimental protocols and reinforcement (or newly developed protocols with X. tropicalis)

  14. 8.Preparation (or Maintenance) of Web forums. Exchange of ideas,  suggestions and questions etc.

  15. 9.Distribution of the Web tools for X. tropicalis (ex. Genome blows)

  16. Organization (details)

  17. NBRP (X. tropicalis) Center: Amphibian Research Center (ARC), Hiroshima University

  18. Director: Professor Ogino Hajime

  19. Supportive members: members in ARC and another Universities

  20. Steering committee: Chairman, Professor Agata Kiyokazu (NIBB).

Project Summary

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  1. Summary