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You can use this kit as a positive control e.g. when you start a WISH experiment anew. PFA-fixed embryos are provided in 100% ethanol. We estimate in situ hybridization using 10 fixed embryos as a single use; our kit provides sufficient amounts to repeat the procedure twice. You may download the protocol here.

The Web ordering system for this kit is being prepared. To obtain this kit, please ask the person below by e-mail.

The kit includes all the solutions described below.

  1. 1.PFA-fixed embryos (Stage 34-36), 10 embryos x 2

  2. 2.DIG-labeled antisense probe for detecting myod1 mRNA in hybridization buffer (1 µg/ml), 500 µl x 2

  3. 3.DIG-labeled sense probe for control in hybridization buffer (1 µg/ml), 500 µl x 2