Requesting Strains, F1 Hybrids, Transgenics, Mutants

In this project, we provide the embryos, larvae, metamorphosed juveniles and adults of X. tropicalis as research resources. The biological resources maintained at this resource center are:

  1. Inbred strains

  2. F1 hybrids between the inbred strains

  3. Transgenics and mutants

These resources are listed below. Detailed information is also explained in the pages for each resource. Colonies and generation are listed on each resource page and can be selected with resource requests.

Advantages of hybrid frogs

We have maintained healthy inbred individuals after more than ten generations of sibling-matings. These resources are genetically and physiologically homogeneous and should be useful for genetics and genomics. However, hybrids of the different inbred strains are more robust and genetically homogeneous at colony level (= among individuals).

List of living resources

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