Research and Results

  1. How to view and download a list of research papers

  2. A list of research papers utilizing this resource can be viewed and downloaded from “Page of Xenopus tropicalis of Research Resource Circulation (RRC)”, managed by the NBRP Information Center. This link contains the references on Xenopus in the papers on all species handled by NBRP.

  1. About the data source of the research papers

  2. The results of research conducted by utilizing the resources provided by NBRP X. tropicalis will be clearly stated in the text. Additionally, when a research paper is published, users will report this to the Resource Center through paper registration in the RRC. These matters are stipulated in the “MTA: Material Transfer Agreement” and concluded prior to the provision of resources.

  3. Important request to users (specifying resource providers for papers, etc.)

  4. When the research utilizing the provided resources are announced, please stipulate that resources are provided through the AMED National BioResource Project [Project ID: JP18km0210085], from the Amphibian Research Center of Hiroshima University, in the Materials and Methods, Acknowledgments, etc., (example below: this is an agreement for receiving resources).

  5. "Xenopus tropicalis was provided by the Amphibian Research Center (Hiroshima University), through AMED, under Grant Number JP18km0210085"

  6. Featured papers related to X. tropicalis

  7. In the “Paper pick-up” on the web forum, we ask authors to introduce their papers in an interview format. (please see here). If you have a paper that you would like to be featured, please request it here (in charge of the web forum).

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