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This a resource center for Xenopus immunology at the University of Rochester, USA. It provides living resources, antibodies and cell lines.

1.9.2018 updated)

A major website for research information on Xenopus tropicalis and laevis.

This site is useful with regards to genetic/genomic and anatomical information. It is well organized and constantly updated.

This site is organized by Dr. Aaron Zorn (Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA) and Dr. Peter Vize (University of Calgary, Canada).

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Home page of the Japanese researcher community using Xenopus.

This homepage is useful for new Japanese users of Xenopus as it provides information on collaboration matching.

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Xenopus Community in Japan (XCIJ)

Resource center for NBRP Xenopus tropicalis.

This is a research center specializing in amphibians. A wide variety of researches on amphibian development, physiology, taxonomy and ecology is actively employed.

In addition to the NBRP Xenopus tropicalis project, this center provides/preserves Japanese amphibian species.

This center is a part of the Hiroshima University Museum and publicly displays living amphibians and specimens on the first floor.

This center is a popular venue of Hiroshima University. Many guests from Nobel laureates to kindergarten kids visit the center throughout the year.

1.9.2018 updated)

This information site is maintained by NBRP information center at the Genetic Resource Center, National Institute of Genetics of Japan.

It contains information on the NBRP office and all the resource centers supported by NBRP.

It also provides useful links for bioresources and experimental biological samples, as well as publication list of research (RRC) supported by NBRP.

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