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How to acknowledge NBRP X. tropicalis

Please be sure to specify the resource provider as "Xenopus tropicalis was provided by Amphibian Research Center (Hiroshima University) through MEXT National BioResource Project (NBRP) under Grant Number JP21km0210085 (Grant number changes every year.)" when publishing research papers using resources provided by us. That user requirement is stated in the material transfer agreement.
"Xenopus tropicalis was provided by Hiroshima University Amphibian Research Center through National BioResource Project (NBRP) of MEXT under Grant Number JP21km0210085."
Grant number changes every year.
2017-4-1 to 2018-3-31: JP17km0210085
2018-4-1 to 2019-3-31: JP18km0210085
2019-4-1 to 2020-3-31: JP19km0210085
2020-4-1 to 2021-3-31: JP20km0210085
2021-4-1 to 2022-3-31: JP21km0210085
Please contact us for other years.
Please include the Grant number of the latest year you received resources.

Grant number is not required to be marked, today.