1. What is the XCIJ Coordinator for Collaborative Research Projects?

  2. There are not many opportunities for collaborative research between a researcher using Xenopus and those not using it. Additionally, it may be similar among Xenopus researchers.

  3. XCIJ has organized a team “Coordinator for Collaborative Research Projects” in the community group to promote life and medical science research utilizing Xenopus tropicalis and Xenopus laevis.

  4. Through the web page (in Japanese), you can discuss any collaborative research related to X. tropicalis. You can ask; “I am looking for someone who has the technology for ...”, or “I am looking for a researcher who organizes a project team with the research theme of ...” and so on.

Collaborators using X. tropicalis (through an external website)

XCIJ (Xenopus Community in Japan)

Coordinator for Collaborative Research Projects

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