Accessing Resources

  1. (1)Register first

Ordering System User


Resource Center

(Hiroshima University Amphibian Research Center)

  1. (4)Order (confirmed by paperwork).

User registration (web)

Apply for the resources you want (web)

  1. (2)Application for provision (order not confirmed at this step).

  1. (3)The latest stock status will be reported.

Automatic reply (e-mail) with confirmation of acceptance and forms of documents related to necessary procedures (below table)

Latest stock status (email / phone)

Reply with completed documents (email or postal mail)

Reply with necessary documents (mail)

  1. (6)Payment (including delivery fee). Invoices and transfer forms are sent from the Finance Office of Hiroshima University, not from the Amphibian Research Center.

  1. (5)Delivery of ordered resources.

Sending resources (delivery)

Resource receipt notification (email or phone)

Payment (bank transfer)

  1. Overview of obtaining resources ~ First, register on the web ~

  2. Requests are processed through the ordering system on this website. First, please register as a new user from "User Registration" in the left sidebar. Once registered, you can order both living and non-living resources from the same account. You can order from "Search living resources" and "Search non-living resources" in the left sidebar. Once you select a resource, you are automatically guided the necessary steps.

  1. Required paperwork (forms will be sent automatically via e-mail after online application.)

  1. Japanese / English

  1. Accessing Resources


Material Transfer Agreement of Biological Material (MTA) (postal mail)

Sending of user list (e-mail)

Sending of provision request form (e-mail)

General (academic / corporate)

Educational institutions (elementary, junior, high school / museums, etc.)

Same institution (Hiroshima University)

User affiliations

At the first application from the same institution per fiscal year

At the first application from the same institution per fiscal year and change of users

Every application

Every application